A Construction and Telecom Services provider that specializes in providing sustainable solutions for the domestic renovation, construction, Oil & Gas and Telecoms sectors.

Transport/ Logistics


Ligare is a logistics company with a world-class logistic technology platform. The application is renowned for aggregating multiple logistics request and independent truckers thus fulfilling orders in record time, increasing merchant’s sales revenue, and serving as a means of wealth generation to drivers in the economy.



The Ridge Dental Practice is a standard, licensed, and certified dental clinic currently located in the heart of the Lekki peninsula, Lagos – Nigeria. It is family-run dentistry that provides dental care services such as Cosmetic Dentistry, Oral Surgery, Orthodontics, Sedation and Anesthesia, Restorative Dentistry.



Jovi’s Local Food Production and Marketing Limited is a Nigeria-based company that specializes in providing food services to clients. They also sell local, international, and continental dishes at affordable prices.



Hoop Telecoms Limited is a leading provider of telecommunication and business solutions. The company is primarily focused on delivering solutions to customers in Enterprise networks connectivity, Broadband internet services, Voice communication solutions, Video and secured data solutions, Data Centre and co-location services, managed cloud services, and other related telecommunication systems.

Industrial Engineering


Kenol Nigeria Limited engineering services provider with expertise in Electrical, Mechanical and Communication Engineering They are equipped with the necessary qualified and highly skilled manpower, infrastructure and equipment to handle all sizes of Electrical and Mechanical Installation works.

Communication Services


E-Ticket Solutions, a subsidiary company of AOA Windstream, is an evolving innovative platform with a solution to online ticket sales for sectors such as events, entertainment, transportation, hospitality, etc. in Nigeria.



Caezers Feast is a restaurant in Lagos that provides 24-48-hour delivery of quality Food Bowls, Event Catering, Corporate Canteen Management.

Professional Services/ Facility Mgt


This is a facility management company with management rights to over 60 facilities and properties. This are  primarily commercial/corporate offices, Telco shops, and a few residential buildings, nationwide.

Retail/Food & Beverage


A leading food and beverage producing company providing the highest-level quality products, at affordable prices whilst offering a stable, cohesive, and efficient work environment.

Professional Services


Nevada Bridge Limited is an entertainment organization with primary focus on script writing, script development, casting, editing, production and publicity.

Personal Corporate Goods


Ysidra Creative Solutions is an innovative Nigerian design studio. They are experts in the design and production of premium bespoke notebooks (for corporate, promotional, event, and personal gifting), that enhance your message, in a way that is unique, functional, and memorable.

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